Are Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Heading For A Divorce? - Check Out The Evidence!

Are Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Heading For A Divorce? - Check Out The Evidence!
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Are Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott getting a divorce following her recent breakdown? The man was spotted leaving an attorney’s office, and sure enough, the picture sparked rumors that the problematic couple might be finally splitting.

Not only that, but Dean also had some documents in his hand – were they divorce papers that he plans to serve Tori with?

If we think about everything that has been going on between them lately, the timing would definitely make sense.

Just two days ago, Dean called the cops on Tori for the second time!

At the time, Tori was away from home along with one of their children and the husband requested an urgent welfare check from the authorities.

Much to the shock of the people there, three police officers rushed into a medical facility, finding the reality TV star in a doctor’s office.

It was determined that nothing was wrong.

Meanwhile, Dean was waiting outside with their one-year-old in his arms.

Before that, Tori went through something similar to a mental breakdown during a fight with her husband and was rushed to the hospital.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the man had to stay behind and tell the authorities ‘his side of the story.’

Dean ‘was seen standing on the front porch outside of the home he shares with Tori and their five kids, and there were about 8-9 cop cars at the home. Dean looked upset and uncomfortable, as he was forced to have a really difficult conversation with the authorities as to why his wife was in such a bad situation.’

LAPD has indeed confirmed receiving ‘a call to the 21200 block of Mulholland Drive at 7:17 A.M. for a disturbance at the residence where a female was behaving erratically. Our officers were cautious in approaching the residence since it was unknown whether or not there were weapons present, but none were discovered.’

Do you think Tori and Dean are really getting a divorce?

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