Are The Twins Safe Now? Beyonce And Jay Z Leave Home Following Health Scare!

Are The Twins Safe Now? Beyonce And Jay Z Leave Home Following Health Scare!

According to new reports, Beyonce and her rapper husband were forced out of their Beverly Hills home by a health emergency regarding the pregnant star. Now, they are taking all the measures necessary to make sure the unborn twin babies are going to be Okay!

One source close to the pregnant star has revealed that “Beyonce and Jay Z hired health inspectors to come to their home to make sure that it was safe, and during inspection they found mold!”

The insider added that Beyonce immediately panicked, afraid that the mold could endanger the wellbeing of her twins.

Immediately after finding out the house wasn’t safe, both Beyonce and Jay Z, along with their 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy packed their bags and moved into a Beverly Hills luxurious hotel where they are going to remain until the babies are born.

When it comes to the safety of their family, the parents would rather not risk it!

The insider went on to reveal that Jay Z has hired an “army” of bodyguards in order to assure their security while they are living at the hotel. Furthermore, the rapper has made the purchase of a new home his number one priority.

Until realizing they had mold, the celebrity couple were living in a rental and were already looking for a bigger propriety to own anyway.

But the heath threat forced them to leave the house earlier than planned before they found a home to call theirs.

Do you think the twins are safe? Will Beyonce and Jay Z stay at the hotel until they are born or will they find the perfect propriety before then?

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