Are Sofia Richie And Scott Disick Still Together Following His Stint In Rehab?

Are Sofia Richie And Scott Disick Still Together Following His Stint In Rehab?
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Are Sofia Richie and Scott Disick still together following his recent stint in rehab? That's the question on many people's minds after Disick reportedly checked into rehab to seek treatment for ongoing emotional issues stemming from his parent's deaths. Scott lost his parents close together in 2013 when his father passed away three months after his mother. Fans have watched Scott's relationship with ex-partner Kourtney Kardashian and his younger girlfriend Sofia Richie with scrutiny and curiosity. Scott and Kourtney continue to co-parent their three children together and Kourtney has gone out of her way to welcome and include Sofia Richie in her family. Now, Nick Markus reports that the two will work together to provide support for Scott as he goes through this difficult time.

When someone is struggling with issues, whether it is alcoholism, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or mental illness, it can take a toll on those around them. Some are worrying that Sofia is too young to spend her time focusing on helping Scott through his issues. Scott Disick is 36-years-old and Sofia Richie is only 21-years-old. Scott and Kourtney have three children and as Scott's girlfriend, she has an important role in their lives. She is 11-years-older than Scott's and Kourtney's oldest child, Mason Disick.

E! News spoke to a source who weighed in on the situation. The source stated the following to the outlet.

"They have been through a lot together and Sofia has seen Scott go through very rough patches with his mental state over the years. She was very proud of him when he agreed to get help and expressed that she would be there for him through every step of the way. They have a solid relationship and Sofia wouldn't walk away from him when he is in a vulnerable state like this."

You may see the full report below.

What do you think about Scott Disick's and Sofia Richie's relationship? Do you think she is too young to deal with the type of stress and issues that will come along with Scott's problems that he is dealing with? Do you think they will stay together?

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