Are 'Scary Skinny' Angelina Jolie's Kids Trying To Force Her To Eat?

Are 'Scary Skinny' Angelina Jolie's Kids Trying To Force Her To Eat?
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For her entire career, Angelina Jolie has been a tall, slender brunette (sometimes blonde) beauty who has always been in incredible shape. To be an action star in films like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Salt, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Gone In 60 Seconds , Jolie has had to hit the gym and eat clean to look as good as she does on the silver screen. However, amid her nasty divorce battle with ex Brad Pitt, rumors have swirled over the past three years that Jolie’s weight has plummeted to an unhealthy level because of the stress of the divorce and custody battle. Now, a new report claims that Jolie’s children are trying to force her to eat.

The Frisky is reporting that Jolie’s children - Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox - are worried about their mom’s health and believe she is too skinny.

“The kids are getting older, and they can tell when Ange eats and when she skips a meal. It’s not lost on them that there are some signs she’s not taking care of herself,” claims an insider.

Sources say that during Jolie’s 12-year relationship with Pitt, he was the one who would make sure she was eating, but now that responsibility has fallen on their children. The insider claims that Pax loves to cook, and Shiloh loves to go out to eat with her mom, while Maddox makes sure the pantry is stocked.

However, the source also says that Jolie prefers to stand and eat nuts or berries instead of sitting down for a meal with her children.

It’s not clear how these “insiders” have so much knowledge about Jolie’s eating habits, but in recent pictures, Jolie appears to be quite healthy, yet slender. However, that’s always been her body type.

Jolie actually spent part of Mother’s Day on a grocery shopping trip with Zahara, Vivienne, and Knox, and cameras were there for the outing. Jolie wore a blank tank with black skinny jeans and black flats, and tied her hair up in a messy bun. While the all-black outfit definitely highlighted her slender build, she didn’t appear to be too skinny, as the insiders claimed.

After spending a lot of time behind the scenes as a producer, Angelina Jolie will be back in front of the camera this fall when she stars in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.


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