Are Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Really Happening? She Keeps Fanning The Rumor Flames

Are Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Really Happening? She Keeps Fanning The Rumor Flames
Credit: Source: E! Online

After Bradley Cooper’s surprising split from his girlfriend of four years, Irina Shayk, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive to try and blame the split on Lady Gaga. And, Cooper/Gaga shippers who want the couple to turn their on-screen relationship into a real-life love affair are looking for any hint that their dream has become a reality. Did Lady Gaga just fan the rumor flames during a recent concert?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, while talking to the audience during a recent show in Las Vegas, Gaga brought up her critics - especially consultants from earlier in her career - who told her everything she did “was too gay.”

"I remember saying, 'Well, I don't see it that way, but there's also gay people in the world,'" Gaga said. "They told me it wouldn't work and they tried to change me but I never let them. And you know why? Because I thought they were shallow."

That was her introduction to her and Cooper’s Oscar-winning duet Shallow, which she performs solo during her concerts. And, when the song began, she added, “Be kind, be kind or f**k off.”

For some reason, there are people who believe that was Gaga’s way of telling the world that she and Cooper are an item, while others suggest she is trying to put an end to the rumors, and that was her way of saying they are just friends.

Both interpretations seem to be an attempt by fans and the media to try to make something out of nothing. But, until Cooper and Gaga walk hand-in-hand on the red carpet together - or state publicly that a relationship is never going to happen - it seems like everyone is going to see what they want to see.

Cooper and Gaga started all of this at the Oscars earlier this year when their steamy performance of Shallow in front of Shayk had the entire internet losing its mind over a possible romance between them. Lady Gaga has said repeatedly that it was an act, and they were playing their A Star Is Born characters Jackson and Ally, but the rumors won’t die.

Cooper did admit that Shayk had to put up with a lot while he was working on the film, and he thanked her at the BAFTA awards in London for putting up with his year-long attempt to make music in their basement. But, neither of them have shared the real reason behind the breakup.

Cameras have spotted both Bradley Cooper and Shayk since they announced their split. The Hangover star recently enjoyed a night out with friends at Sunset Tower lounge, and the model is working on a photo shoot in Iceland and posting pics on Instagram.

The former couple share a 2-year-old daughter they named Lea De Seine.


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