Are Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell Over Again? Twilight Star Caught Kissing Another Woman

Are Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell Over Again? Twilight Star Caught Kissing Another Woman
Credit: Source: Independent

Just a few weeks ago, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell’s romance appeared to be back on, as cameras caught the two in the middle of a steamy making out session on a yacht in the Amalfi Coast. But, now it looks like Stewart is still keeping her options open because she was just seen kissing XOXO screenwriter Dylan Meyer on a New York City stoop.

The 29-year-old Twilight star and the 29-year-old Victoria’s Secret model had taken a short break from their two-year relationship before they enjoyed their European vacation together, and during that time Stewart dated stylist Sara Dinkin.

Insiders say that Stewart isn’t settling down with anyone, and is enjoying playing the field.

“She [Meyer] is Kristen’s new obsession and Kristen cannot stay faithful to anyone for very long,” an insider told Radar Online . “She loves Stella but she also loves Dylan now and she is still also seeing Sara Dinkin from time to time.”

The source explained that Stewart can get away with seeing multiple people at one time because the women always come back to her. “She’s like a magnet,” says the source, adding that Stewart gets anything she wants. And, if she wants it again, she will get it again.

When Dinkin started dating Stewart, she was apparently unaware that Stewart was still in a relationship with Maxwell. But, an insider says that Dinkin can’t stay away from the actress because “she is really every gay girl’s fantasy.”

Maxwell also finds Stewart to be “irresistible,” and she has never stopped loving her despite their temporary split. The source called Dinkin “basic,” and says Stewart thinks that Maxwell is “the sexiest woman on the planet.” They added that Stewart is in love with Maxwell, and she believes she is her “soul partner.”

But, if that’s the case, then why is Stewart dating other people?

One insider claims that Stewart and Maxwell decided it was best to see other people in November 2018 because they started to disagree on things, and the relationship stopped being fun. The source says that the couple realized the relationship had run its course, and it was time to make a change.

Before their kiss on the stoop, Stewart and Meyer enjoyed a drink at a New York City bar, and Meyer had her arm around Stewart. Dylan is currently promoting her short film Rock Bottom , and she also writes for the sci-fi/comedy series Miss 2059. Kristen Stewart will star in the Charlie’s Angels reboot that hits theaters in November.


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