Are Katy Perry's Labor And Delivery Plans For The Birth Of Her Daughter Ruined By Coronavirus?

Are Katy Perry's Labor And Delivery Plans For The Birth Of Her Daughter Ruined By Coronavirus?
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Are Katy Perry's labor and delivery plans for the birth of her daughter ruined by Coronavirus? That's the question many are asking due to an article in the upcoming July 20, 2020, issue of Star magazine. Katy Perry is pregnant with her first child, a daughter with fiance Orlando Bloom. Though she hasn't revealed her due date it does seem that she's ready to give birth soon. Now, the article states that Katy Perry's dream of having a home birth has been ruined by the pandemic. According to the article, Katy's home has been taken over and functions more like a home studio than a place where she could have a home birth. As the pandemic continues to see a surge in Covid-19 cases, home births simply aren't happening like they used to.  The source stated the following to the publication.

"They hoped for a drug-free home birth with their families present. They've resigned themselves to having a conventional hospital birth."

According to the report, Katy isn't looking forward to a hospital birth and is under a lot of stress about how her birthing experience will be. The source continued.

"She's not only stressing herself out, but she's making everyone else around her crazy."

Pregnancy is a difficult time but to add to the fear of childbirth, labor, and delivery a pandemic is unbelievably worrisome. There is no question that Katy Perry is under extreme stress due to the pandemic and her fears must be running high.

The source continued to explain how important it is for Katy to stay calm.

"Calm is what they need, and Orlando doesn't want Katy bothered any more than she has been."

What do you think about the report? Do you sympathize with Katy Perry as she gets closer to her due date? At this point, it is important

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