Are Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Planning A Beach Wedding?

Are Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Planning A Beach Wedding?
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Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston planning a beach wedding? That's the subject of an article in the upcoming March 30, 2020, issue of Star magazine. The publication has been following Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston since reports first surfaced suggesting that they were secretly back together. Though neither Jennifer or Brad have taken any relationship public or stated they have reunited, there have been numerous reports suggesting the couple is together and ready to walk down the aisle. There are even more reports saying they are planning on adopting a baby girl and naming her Georgia after Brad's good friend George Clooney.

Brad and Jennifer set tongues wagging when the two had a public display of affection at the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards. A source spoke to the publication and dished on the current status of their relationship. The source reported the following and even stated that they are both in Los Angeles. There was no mention as to whether or not Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are self-isolating together.

"They're keeping things private. They have romantic dates at Brad's house and have had several sleepovers. They don't go a day without texting and talking. They've fallen in love all over again."

Now that Coronavirus has factored into the equation, it's unclear how much time Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may be spending together now that stay-at-home orders have been enacted.

You may see a report about Brad Pitt's and Jennifer Aniston's reportedly secret wedding below.

Star spoke to another source who gave even more information on the couple's second wedding. Again, neither Jennifer Aniston nor Brad Pitt have even confirmed they are dating, let alone planning a beach wedding but that hasn't stopped people from dishing on the subject. The source stated the following.

The wedding is on. They're getting married in Cabo, and this time they'll keep it under wraps until after it's happened. They want to avoid a lot of hype this time around.

According to the report, Jennifer wants Courteney Cox to be her maid of honor while Brad Pitt wants Bradley Cooper to be his best man.

Of course, any possible wedding that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt could have would have to wait until after the Coronavirus pandemic ends.

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