Are Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Secretly Married? Check The Photo That Started A Frenzy Around This Question

Are Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Secretly Married? Check The Photo That Started A Frenzy Around This Question
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Could Gwen Stefani and country music star Blake Shelton be married and are keeping it a secret?

Over the weekend, a few cute pictures of Gwen surfaced online where she is enjoying a lavish vacation in Florida with Blake and his family.

Gwen shared a sweet snap where she is hugging a woman and called her sister-in-law.

The world assumed that she was with Blake's sister, Endy. Many rushed to the conclusion that Gwen was married to Blake and keeping it quiet.

As it turned out Gwen was with her real sister-in-law, Jen. She is married to Gwen's brother, Todd.

A source close to the mother of three said she has not yet gotten married a second time.

The insider told Hollywood Life : “Gwen and Blake haven’t gotten secretly married, but they’re always joking around and calling each other husband and wife. Gwen and Blake have spoken about getting married, and it’s something that they do want to do one day, but they’re delighted with the way things are right now, and they’ve both been married before, so they don’t see the point of rushing things.”

The chatty source went on to say why they are not in a rush: “Neither Gwen or Blake want to jinx what they have. It’s so perfect as it is, and they’re aware that sometimes getting married can add extra pressure and tension to a relationship, and they don’t want to risk that right now."

The family friend concluded with: "Additionally, their crazy schedules are so busy, that logistically it would be kind of a headache trying to arrange a wedding right now, so they’d rather wait till Gwen’s residency is over and take their time so they can do it properly and plan something wonderful and special when the time is right. They prefer to take their time and do things correctly. They want to make sure their love lasts forever.”

The pair has been together since 2015, and fans are hoping they will have a wedding in the near future and have a baby together.

Some supporters also believe that they might be pleased with their current status.

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