Are Amber Rose And 21 Savage Really That Close?

Are Amber Rose And 21 Savage Really That Close?

Amber Rose and her much younger boyfriend, 21 Savage, have been taking their relationship to the next step in recent reports. However, some people argue that they're not connecting as much as you would think. According to a source, they don't have much in common.

According to Page Six, Amber - whatever she does, is she a model? - was spotted out with her boyfriend at his first show in Vegas on Wednesday night at the nightclub, LIGHT.

But according to eye witnesses, it didn't look like they were super into each other, even though in the past they've been all about PDA.

According to a spy at the venue, they were at the MTV VMA's and were all over each other, but since then, they haven't been that "affectionate."

The source claimed they almost seemed, "distant" at the show.

With that said, we want to know why someone was watching them that closely at the rap concert?

It almost seems creepy, doesn't it?

Nevertheless, we can't shoot the messenger, because everyone wants to know all the details, regardless of how they come upon it.

The insider went on to say the 24-year-old rapper laid off the drinking throughout the night.

Apparently, he barely even touched alcohol on that evening, and Amber and himself left the venue not long after his performance.

Perhaps, Amber is a sobering influence on the rapper, and she's teaching him the importance of restraint and to not potentially put his career in jeopardy with heavy drinking and substance abuse.

Although, this is purely speculation.

With all that said, things can't be that bad, as Amber recently gave the rapper a $50,000 ring. Be that as it may, things seemed to be pretty good between Rob and Chyna as well before the reality star's social media tirade, so who really knows the truth? Check out the bling above.

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