Aquaria Bedazzles In Rainbow Pride Hair And Eye Makeup — Check Out The Amazing Photos

Aquaria Bedazzles In Rainbow Pride Hair And Eye Makeup — Check Out The Amazing Photos
Credit: Source: TokyoStylez/Instagram

Aquaria celebrated Pride month in the most fabulous way — with her hair and makeup! Tokyo Stylez created an amazing hair piece that featured the rainbow-flag Pride colors. Tokyo is one of the leading celebrity hairstylists focusing on wigs and hairpieces and Aquaria's custom hair piece did not disappoint. Photos of Aquaria flooded social media and drew praise far and wide. Tokyo uses human hair in the pieces and the results when applying color are fantastic, as evidenced by the vibrant hues Aquaria is modeling.

Fashion designer Jamil Moreno customized a fan dress specifically for Aquaria. Born Giovanni Palandrani, Aquaria came to prominence when appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10. Aquaria won the season and went on to infamy. At 23-years-old, Aquaria's career is in full force and she has the world at her glittery heels.

You may see the photo of Aquaria's hair as styled by Tokyo in the photo below.

Jamil's photo of Aquaria shows off her black, sparkling fan dress that completed her outfit. On Aquaria's ears, wrists, and fingers, she's adorned with the unique and expertly crafted jewelry styles of David Yurman. The sparkle from Aquaria's jewels complements the silver, star-like flecks that twinkle throughout her dress.

While the dress and jewelry are superb and Aquaria's hair is over-the-rainbow on point, there is no denying that Aquaria's eye makeup is exquisite.

You may see Aquaria's finished LBGTQ Pride look below.

If you look carefully, you will notice that the bottom lid is lined with colors for the rainbow Pride flag. The top of Aquaria's lid is lined in the corners with a vibrant white. There is a thick midnight blue that forms an outline and extends into a beautiful point that moves in the direction of her brows.

Plenty of white shadow highlights the eyes but the white underneath the inner corner of her lid, not only creates a wet look in her eyes and pupil but serves as an accent for the rainbow lined lids. What do you think of Aquaria's look? Do you think she nailed Pride month?

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