Apryl Jones Responds To Social Media Haters Who Trashed Her Relationship With Lil' Fizz

Apryl Jones Responds To Social Media Haters Who Trashed Her Relationship With Lil' Fizz
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According to a report from BET.com, Apryl Jones is getting real candid about her man's ex-girlfriend, Moniece Slaughter. Recently, the reality star had been responding to comments regarding her romance with Lil Fizz, which brings us to where we are today in terms of their love triangle.

When Jones appeared on The Domenick Nati Show on iHeart Radio, she admitted that she still believes Slaughter is into her boyfriend. The reality star, regarding her ex-friend, stated there were definitely still some "feelings there," because according to Jones, Slaughter has contradicted herself a few times.

Jones explained that at one moment, she wants her and Drew to be together, and she has those messages, however, on other occasions, she appears to have an entirely different perspective. In addition to the fact she's dating Slaughter's ex, the reality star went on to discuss Moniece's mental health issues.

Jones claimed she doesn't understand how to read into Moniece, because she has more than one mental illness, including borderline personality disorder as well as bipolar disorder. She stated, "but she really does suffer from certain things that...she contradicts herself a lot."

When asked by the host of the show whether she believes Moniece struggles with bipolar disorder, the reality star claimed that Slaughter wasn't the most "stable person." At another point during the discussion, Jones also referenced the rumors that she was expecting a baby with Fizz.

According to Apryl, she and Lil' Fizz aren't expecting a baby anytime soon. Jones added that if she were with child, she would definitely announce it to the world, and would have no hesitation and no problem doing so.

You can check out the interview video below:

According to a report from HipHopWired, Twitter users are unanimously unimpressed with the way in which Jones and Fizz have been treating Moniece. Love and Hip Hop viewers are reportedly unpleased with the way Fizz and Jones have been dealing with Moniece.

HipHopWired claims that Apryl and Fizz initially tried to trick Moniece into claiming they were just friends, however, they later started dating.

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