Apologetic Amanda Bynes Breaks The Internet With Paper Magazine Pictures And Stages A Comeback

Apologetic Amanda Bynes Breaks The Internet With Paper Magazine Pictures And Stages A Comeback
Credit: Paper Magazine

A very apologetic Amanda Bynes graces the annual cover of Paper magazine‘s Break the Internet issue, and she has managed to do just that.

The actress looked radiant and more importantly healthy in the series of photos featured in the magazine.

The world is captivated by the interview where she left no stone unturned and opened up about her very public battles with drug and alcohol.

Miss Bynes also spoke about her many Twitter meltdowns and rants where she often embarrassed herself and insulted celebrities including President Barack Obama, Nicki Minaj, and Drake with wild, hurtful, and insensitive remarks.

The 32-year-old said this on how drugs destroyed her life and acting career: “I started smoking marijuana when I was 16. Even though everyone thought I was the ‘good girl,’ I did smoke marijuana from that point on… Later on, it progressed to doing molly and ecstasy. [I tried] cocaine three times but I never got high from cocaine. I never liked it. It was never my drug of choice… I definitely abused Adderall.”

She went on to confess that she was abusing Adderall while filming Hall Pass and added: “When I was doing Hall Pass, I remember being in the trailer and I used to chew the Adderall tablets because I thought they made me [more] high [that way]… [I remember] seeing my image on the screen and literally tripping out and thinking my arm looked so fat because it was in the foreground or whatever and I remember rushing off set and thinking, Oh my god, I look so bad.”

Bynes addressed the actors, singer, and rappers she caused pain and headaches to: “I’m really ashamed and embarrassed with the things I said. I can’t turn back time but if I could, I would. And I’m so sorry to whoever I hurt and whoever I lied about because it truly eats away at me. It makes me feel so horrible and sick to my stomach and sad. Everything I worked my whole life to achieve, I kind of ruined it all through Twitter… it’s definitely not Twitter’s fault — it’s my own fault.”

This is her advice for others battling similar issues: “My advice to anyone who is struggling with substance abuse would be to be really careful because drugs can really take a hold of your life. Everybody is different, obviously, but for me, the mixture of marijuana and whatever other drugs and sometimes drinking really messed up my brain. It really made me a completely different person. I actually am a nice person. I would never feel, say or do any of the things that I did and said to the people I hurt on Twitter.”

She asked those she hurt to forgive her, should they?

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  • Blind boi
    Blind boi Nov 27, 2018 2:34 AM PST

    I hope she keeps it together this time

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