Anthony Jeselnik Puts SNL Boss Lorne Michaels On Blast For Allowing Trump To Host SNL

Anthony Jeselnik Puts SNL Boss Lorne Michaels On Blast For Allowing Trump To Host SNL
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According to a report from Indiewire, Jeselnik isn't happy with the fact the Saturday Night Live creator, Lorne Michaels, allowed Donald Trump to host the sketch-comedy production back in November of 2015, four years ago.

In November 2015, Donald was campaigning for the presidency, and Lorne green-lit his appearance, which was the subject of much criticism among fans and employees on the show. The episode was the second time for Trump to host SNL , and it was hated by both cast members as well as television critics.

Speaking with reporters from The Daily Beast, Jeselnik accused Lorne of "helping Trump get elected." Anthony said that him hosting Saturday Night Live was even worse than Jimmy Fallon's "hair-rustling thing," which Jimmy was heavily criticized for as well.

Anthony said that essentially, it was "two rich guys helping each other out," and he doesn't know how he would've dealt with it had he been on the show at the time. Anthony said he found the episode to be "revolting."

As it was previously reported, Jimmy Fallon was accused of "normalizing" and even helping Donald Trump when he touched his hair in an interview before the 2016 presidential election. Jimmy's incident with Donald Trump caused him serious grief among his fellow entertainers, but especially in the mainstream media.

According to Jeselnik, he actually felt quite bad for Jimmy in the hair-tussling incident, stating that while he hasn't spoken with Fallon in many years, he would assume that the Trump fiasco is actually one "of his biggest regrets."

Moreover, Jeselnik also claims Lorne Michaels was doing his best to make Trump look as "likable" as possible. Lorne supposedly told his writers to avoid "vilifying" the then-nominee. Ironically, Jeselnik participated in the 2011 roast of Donald Trump for Comedy Central.

On the other hand, Saturday Night Live has also roasted the president repeatedly since his administration first began. For instance, Alec Baldwin, in a reoccurring role, has mocked Donald Trump many times and even won awards for it.

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