Ansel Elgort Poses Without Any Clothes — But It's All For A Good Cause

Ansel Elgort Poses Without Any Clothes — But It's All For A Good Cause
Credit: Source: Ansel Elgort/Instagram

Ansel Elgort had a surprise for his Instagram fans when they saw the actor posing naked in his shower. The click-bait post stated referred to an "Only Fans" link in his caption, but there was a catch. In Ansel's bio, there was a link to a GoFundMe in order to help health care workers and those on the front lines in Brooklyn, New York. The Coronavirus pandemic has hit New York especially hard and the death toll for the city is over 20,300. Ansel chose to share a photo of himself completely naked but protected his modesty with a carefully placed hand. The photo has since been removed from Instagram due to violating nudity rules, but his marketing strategy was a success. The GoFundMe had raised more than $210,000.

Ansel's father is the American photographer Arthur Elgort. He took the photo of Ansel that set his fans into a frenzy.  Many of Ansel's friends are used to seeing the 26-year-old actor showing off his physique. He's known for posting racy photos but the picture he shared on Tuesday was his raciest yet!

You may see a censored version of the photo that Ansel shared with his 10.1 million Instagram followers below.

Only Fans is an adult website where people send sexually explicit photos and videos and at first, many of his fans believed that Ansel was opening up an Only Fans site, but once they saw the bio, they realized it was his way of raising money for the Brooklyn For Life! charity.

The charity focuses on providing meals to those fighting Coronavirus on the front lines.

Did you see Ansel Elgort's Instagram post? Did you think that he really had an Only Fans account? It was rather interesting how many people were excited that Ansel was on the adult website but it didn't take long for people to realize that it was a clickbait move for charity.

The Coronavirus pandemic has gripped the nation and resulted in more than 47,000 deaths in the United States. The GoFundMe has a goal of $1 million and at this point, with Ansel Elgort's help, there is a chance they may reach the goal.

What did you think about Ansel Elgort's photo?

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