Ansel Elgort Apologizes To Woman Who Accused Him Of Rape -- But He Tells A Different Story

Ansel Elgort Apologizes To Woman Who Accused Him Of Rape -- But He Tells A Different Story
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A day after trending on social media, Ansel Elgort is speaking out concerning a woman accusing him of rape. The actor is apologizing to the woman just known as 'Gabby' but is telling a different story.

In case you missed it, Gabby created a Twitter account where she accused Ansel of sexually assaulting her when she was 17 . She said she met him via DM on a social media website where he proceeded to give her his private Snapchat and ask for nude photos.

She went on to say that he also asked to have a threesome with her other underaged friend.

Elgort is acknowledging that he had sexual relations with Gabby but insists that it was consensual and legal. He went on to say that he ghosted her.

'I was distressed to see the social media posts about me that have been circulating in the past 24 hours. I cannot claim to understand Gabby's feelings but her depiction of events is simply not what happened. I have never and would never assault anyone. What is true is that in New York in 2014, when I was 20, Gabby and I had a brief, legal and entirely consensual relationship. Unfortunately, I did not handle the breakup well. I stopped responding to her, which is an immature and cruel thing to do to someone. I know this belated apology does not absolve me of my unacceptable behavior when I disappeared.'

Elgort ended his social media post with an apology.

'As I look back at my attitude, I am disgusted and deeply ashamed of the way I acted. I am truly sorry. I know I must continue to reflect, learn, and work to grow in empathy.'

The Baby Driver actor is set to star in the upcoming movie West Side Story; however, it's unknown how this allegation will affect his career or the remake of the classic film.

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