Another Justin Bieber Ex? The Weeknd Flirts With Chantel Jeffries At Coachella!

Another Justin Bieber Ex? The Weeknd Flirts With Chantel Jeffries At Coachella!
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Is The Weeknd trying to start something with yet another of Justin Bieber’s exes? The singer was spotted getting flirty with Chantel Jeffries!

While at Coachella, in a closed-off VIP section, Abel and Chantel got extra close.

Just yesterday, The Weeknd broke down in tears on stage while performing a song supposedly about Selena Gomez but now it seems like he is trying to move on if he hasn’t already!

The man was caught putting his arm around Chantel, offering her his shoulder to rest her head on and hugging her.

So…is Abel’s type just Justin Bieber’s former girlfriends?

Speaking of Bieber, the star had the time of his life at the festival, and he was in great shape.

But what really grabbed people’s attention on social media was that, aside from dancing shirtless, Justin made a heroic gesture.

Apparently, there was a man who didn’t stop grabbing a woman’s throat at Coachella and Bieber decided to intervene by punching him!

It all happened at Patrick Schwarzenegger‘s after party.

The guy entered the bash and went all off on the girl who is believed to have been his ex.

After refusing to let her go, Justin stepped in and hit the attacker before being kicked out of the party.

Later on, the man was reportedly arrested after chasing an SUV and screaming Justin’s name.

As for The Weeknd and Chantel, although we are yet unsure whether or not they are dating, it would definitely be a big step for him who has reportedly been hung up on Bella Hadid.

We recently heard he invited the ex to spend a weekend with him, but the model is not sure she wants to rekindle their relationship, despite still caring about Abel.

Then there was the crying over Selena Gomez on stage!

Is he really over these two exes? Only time will tell if he and Chantel will start something.


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