Another 'Counting On' Baby Is Coming! Which Duggar Family Member Is Pregnant Now?

Another 'Counting On' Baby Is Coming! Which Duggar Family Member Is Pregnant Now?
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When it comes to baby news, 2018 has been a big year for the Duggar family. Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar gave birth to her son Gideon in February, Kendra Caldwell welcomed her son Garrett in June. And, in July, Jinger Duggar gave birth to her daughter, Felicity.

But, this is most likely just the beginning. More and more Duggar kids are getting married each year, and that means more and more babies. So, who will be the next couple in the family to announce a pregnancy?

A few birthday pics that Joy-Anna posted this past week has caused fan speculation that she could be pregnant with baby number two just eight months after giving birth to Gideon. Some people believe they spotted a baby bump in the pics where Joy-Anna posed with friend Carlin Bates and two of her brothers in front of Longhorn Steakhouse.

Joy-Anna was holding her son in the pics, and he covered her up in most of the images. But, there was one where there appeared to be a bump under her black-and-white striped sweater. There is always the chance that it is an optical illusion, but that isn’t stopping some fans from thinking that another baby is on the way.

“Congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy!! You look happy!!!: wrote one presumptuous follower. “Did I miss an announcement that Joy is pregnant with her second child?!?” asked another. “Hiding the belly with the baby I see, nice method!” wrote a third.

However, plenty of fans gave a simple explanation for the pic - Joy-Anna hasn’t lost all of her baby weight from her first pregnancy. One fan said that some people don’t go flat ever again after giving birth, and others take a long time to lose all of their baby weight.

It is definitely possible that Joy-Anna is still carrying some weight from her first pregnancy, but a quick turnaround in pregnancies is not uncommon in Duggar world.

According to The Hollywood Gossip , Joy-Anna isn’t the only Duggar who could be expecting in 2019. Some fans believe that newlyweds Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson will be making a pregnancy announcement soon, but they are going to wait until after John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett’s wedding this weekend to make the big reveal.

Josiah married Swanson on June 30th, and every Duggar sibling (except Jinger) announced a pregnancy within the first three months of marriage. Since it has been four months since they tied the knot, we should be hearing some baby news any day.

The Duggar family returns with new episodes of Counting On in 2019.


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