Anonymous Accuser Accuses Two Men Of Sexually Assaulting Her At Former Studio Of R. Kelly

Anonymous Accuser Accuses Two Men Of Sexually Assaulting Her At Former Studio Of R. Kelly
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According to a report from Page Six, a woman said to the Chicago police she was sexually assaulted at R. Kelly's former studio. Reportedly, the anonymous woman, 31, claims she was picked up around 4:00 am on Thursday, several blocks away from the artist's ex-studio.

Reported first by The Chicago Sun-Times, the woman was escorted to the hospital at Rush Hospital, where she was treated for her injuries. The woman claims she was assaulted by two of a group of three men at a studio which R. Kelly formerly used.

Thus far, the police have confirmed the reports of the incident, but haven't been able to establish the precise location of the purported altercation. The woman in question said to the authorities that she was approached by three men in a car while she was at a bar.

According to the anonymous accuser, she was brought to the building which she thinks is where R. Kelly's studio used to be, and she was assaulted by two of the men there. Moreover, the woman said she called 911 after leaving the place of the crime.

Currently, R. Kelly is in hot water as he's facing against 18 charges for sexually assaulting four different women. In February. Kelly had to leave the aforementioned studio after a judge implemented a very rigid curfew regarding the use of the location.

Lawyers for Chicago say the studio was being used as a living place, moreover, it was guilty of varying building code laws, so much to the point the studio was ordered to obey a strict regiment.

This is just one of many problems for the embattled singer, following the Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, which brought to light many different transgressions.

Following the docu-series which went viral, many in the hip-hop community and in the black community came out to condemn the actions of the singer, with John Legend being one of them. Other stars to turn their backs on Kelly include Joyner Lucas, Too Short, Lady Gaga, and more.

Lady Gaga was just one person to apologize for working with Kelly in the past, despite being aware of some of the deleterious accusations against him.

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