Anne Hathaway Reveals Why She Plans To Abstain Totally From Alcohol For 18 Years

Anne Hathaway Reveals Why She Plans To Abstain Totally From Alcohol For 18 Years
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On Tuesday, The Dark Knight Rises alum, Anne Hathaway, stopped by the Ellen Degeneres Show and revealed she had chosen to stop drinking for at least 18 years to be a good mother for her son. It turns out that a night out with Texas' very own, Matthew McConaughey, was at the center of her revelation.

After a trip with her co-star, Matthew McConaughey in Mauritius, Anne decided it may be best for her to stop drinking. As a consequence of her raucous evening accompanied by Matthew, she went to a meeting with her Serenity director - but struggled through it due to a hangover.

Hathaway said of McConaughey and his wife, "they're both cool," but she realized she just can't compete in the drinking department. Speaking on her meet up with Steven Knight, their director, the actress turned to the audience to ask, "have you ever had to do a meeting hungover?"

Anne said it was a challenging situation for sure, because she barely walked in there with one eye open, and she was trying to convince him about certain details on her character. Because of the whole ordeal, Anne said she wouldn't drink for at least another nearly two decades.

All jokes aside, in October, Anne claims, she actually quit drinking for at least 18 years. The reason is to help her son out in the mornings. The actress said she dropped her son off at school once while hungover, and that was enough for her.

Anne is known for not only her starring roles in the last decade but also for her statements on gender equality in Hollywood. For the longest time, Anne has become somewhat of a target for those who believe that the Hollywood industry is missing the mark and obfuscating facts regarding gender equality and politics.

Putting her controversies aside, Anne has won numerous awards in the last decade, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA award. Her movies have earned over $6 billion worldwide. Anne and her husband, Adam Shulman, share one child together, whom they just welcomed into the world in 2016.

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