Annabelle Wallis Says Tom Cruise Wouldn't Let Her Run On-Screen With Him - At Least Initially

Annabelle Wallis Says Tom Cruise Wouldn't Let Her Run On-Screen With Him - At Least Initially
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Annabelle Wallis says Tom Cruise likes to run on-screen by himself and by himself only. The outlet picked up on comments from Wallis this month in which she claimed Tom liked to go it alone when it comes to running on-screen.

During her conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Wallis, who co-starred alongside Cruise in the 2017 film, The Mummy, said Tom liked to have a one-man-show at least in terms of running. She says Tom told her "no at first," but she's a "really good runner."

According to Wallis, she timed all of her treadmill time so Tom would walk in at the right time and see her. One day, he happened to walk in and witness her running skills, and she claimed, "so that was it." She says she really took pride in the opportunity that not a lot of other people get.

In fact, Wallis says in many ways, it's almost better than receiving an Academy Award. She went on to say, "I was so happy that I got to run on-screen with Tom Cruise ." Fans of Tom know he has a reputation for preferring to do his own stunts, so the news comes as no surprise.

It doesn't always work out for Tom, however. For instance, the actor has broken his fair share of bones over the years. While filming 2018's Mission Impossible: Fallout, Cruise reportedly performed a high altitude low opening jump.

He sky-dived from 25,000 feet only to open his parachute below 3,000 feet. Back in May of this year, it was also revealed that Mr. Cruise planned to film part of a new movie in space. Reports claim the actor and producers had to convince the movie studios to film in space with the help of NASA.


Ironically, it will cost around the same amount of money as it does to create movies using computer-generated imagery. It's not uncommon for films heavy in CGI to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, as most comic book movie fans know.

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