Annabella Sciorra Will Testify That Harvey Weinstein Raped Her When Movie Mogul's MeToo Trial Starts

Annabella Sciorra Will Testify That Harvey Weinstein Raped Her When Movie Mogul's MeToo Trial Starts
Credit: Source; Annabella Sciorra/Jungle Fever/Spike Lee/Universal

Annabella Sciorra will testify in the Harvey Weinstein rape trial about her own personal account of an alleged rape that the award-winning actress states took place in 1993.  Represented by renowned civil-rights activist and feminist lawyer Gloria Allred, a number of legal strategies have taken place paving the way for Annabella to take the stand, and face a grueling cross-examination so that she may lay the groundwork for prior bad acts against Weinstein who faces trial on January 6, 2020.

Court TV is back and will cover the biggest trials facing the nation including Weinstein's trial. The site has already added plenty of videos to their official site regarding legal proceedings and hearings that are currently taking place.

Annabella's attorney Gloria Allred released a public statement announcing not only her client's willingness to testify against Harvey Weinstein but her preparedness to do so.

You may see Gloria Allred's press announcement on Annabella Sciorra's claims of rape against Harvey Weinstein in the video player below.

Those who want to hear what Annabella's side of the story is and learn more about her rape allegations against the Hollywood mogul who is accused of violating some of Hollywood's most beautiful and prolific actresses and putting them in states of fear and torment. Many have stated that Weinstein would hold late-night meetings with them, often in his suite, under the guise of discussing upcoming movie roles. A litany of women shared similar stories of being trapped in Weinstein's suite and unable to get away from his advances.

Several women reported to authorities that Harvey Weinstein allegedly raped them.

You may read Annabella Sciorra's account of what she experienced below.

Annabella Sciorra was one of the first women to rise up in the MeToo movement and speak out against Harvey Weinstein. Other women who spoke out when the MeToo movement went mainstream include Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, Alyssa Milano and Rosanna Arquette.

The Harvey Weinstein trial will be one of the first major courtcases following the Brett Kavanaugh hearings that will showcase the full and true impact MeToo culture has had on the nation.  Are you going to follow the Harvey Weinstein case when it begins in January 2020?


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