Anna Wintour Claims She Won't Invite Donald Trump To Met Gala Ever Again

Anna Wintour Claims She Won't Invite Donald Trump To Met Gala Ever Again
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Every single year, Anna Wintour chooses an array of celebrities and entertainment industry icons to come to The Met Gala, which has been hosted for years. Show Biz Cheat Sheet, however, claims she won't invite one particular person ever again.

In case you're unaware of the Met Gala, it's hosted by Vogue's editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, annually and it brings together celebrities and designers from all over the world to display their designs in accordance to a predetermined theme.

Even Donald Trump has been to a Met Gala before, however, Anna Wintour claims he won't be coming back anytime soon. During her appearence on The Late Show, Wintour stated that The Met Gala is an incredibly exclusive event, and it's hard for even celebrities to get there.

Annually, Wintour invites 550 people to the massive party, many of which are up-and-coming designers and prolific celebrities. Not everybody gets to go, however. Check out Tim Gunn's explanation on how he was disinvited from the Met Gala permanently.

As most know, this won't be the first time Wintour claimed Trump wouldn't be coming back. Back in 2017, while on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the fashion editor claimed Trump wasn't to be invited to the soirée again.

Before he became the President of the United States, Donald Trump went to the Met Gala on a regular basis. He's gone there many times ever since the 1980s. However, he stopped getting invited in 2012. The exact reason for why she didn't invite Trump is not entirely clear.

In 2019, Anna explained that she would never reveal how she and the other co-chairs determine who will walk the red carpet. Regardless, it likely won't be happening this year on account of the coronavirus, and the subsequent banning on large gatherings, whether they're for celebrities or not.

Any parties or large gatherings will likely be done underground or at least in a place that not many people are aware of. In other news, Anna Wintour was attacked by some of RiRi's fans when the editor-in-chief over at Vogue asked Rihanna whether she was going to have children sometime in the future.

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