Anna Friel “Sacrificed” A Career In Hollywood To Keep Her Daughter Close To Her Father

Anna Friel “Sacrificed” A Career In Hollywood To Keep Her Daughter Close To Her Father

Anna Friel, former Brookside star, has recently claimed that she “sacrificed” a possibly successful Hollywood career and it was all for the sake of her daughter and her relationship with her dad.

The actress stated that she refused the offer to work on bigger projects in the United States only because of one reason – her daughter and the distance that she would have put between her and her father.

Friel, who is 40 years old now, has starred in TV series including Marcella and Pushing Daisies but she could have been a well-established name in Hollywood if she only took the chance.

Friel and Harry Potter star David Thewlis split up back in 2010 after 10 years of being together.

According to her, her agents are still begging her to take the offer and come to the US but she always refuses because she does not want to take her 11-years-old away from her father.

“I had to sacrifice that. It gets harder because I can’t just accept jobs that are in England,” she explained about her career.

Furthermore, she explained that she is still friends with all of her exes and always tries to be mature about the situation after break ups. Despite not being able to hang out that much she still considers each and every one of them a part of her life, therefore, close buddies.

David has remarried and he lives close to Fried and their daughter because “Gracie needs to see her daddy.”

Aside from the emotional support and comfort of a parent, David also deals with the nanny and school fees, while Fried pays the rest.

What is very convenient for the family is the fact that Anna and David both live on the same street so Gracie can spend time with both of them in equal amounts.

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