Anna Faris Talks Love Advice She's Received From Her Mother After Chris Pratt Split

Anna Faris Talks Love Advice She's Received From Her Mother After Chris Pratt Split
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Anna Faris' mother had some precious love advice to give her daughter, and it is safe to say a lot of people would benefit from it too! During an interview with Faris and her Mom co-stars, ET learned that the motherly advice is not only a big part of the TV show but is also very present behind the cameras.

Apparently, the actress likes to share the pieces of advice with the rest of the cast, especially is it’s about romance.

‘I'm always like, 'Protect your heart!' My mom always said to be selfish in love... it's a version of that,’ she tells the outlet.

As Mom starts its sixth season, it has definitely covered all kinds of topics, from love to loss and more.

However, it looks like it still has a lot left to say.

‘My character used to be an exotic dancer. I always wanted to revisit that. I just think it'd be so fun because my character so feels fundamentally awkward.’

What Faris really loves in particular about the show is that it also tackles being a single mom.

As you may know, she and Chris Pratt split last year, so it's very fitting.

Mimi Kennedy added during the interview about the show's topics:  ‘We did cancer, breast cancer.’

‘There have been some deaths,’ Faris said, as Allison Janney mentioned there were some overdoses as well.

‘We're really selling it, guys! We're really selling it!’ she joked. ‘I think that we all come to the show with a lot of experience behind us. We're not, you know, spring chickens.’

Faris then revealed that she likes to call the show’s cast and crew members – ‘the watermelon players.’

Janney explained that ‘This is silly because we do a lot of eating on the show. Our lovely prop department gave us chopped-up watermelon because you can't choke on it, it's not dry, you can talk while it's in your mouth.'

‘I've choked!’ Faris admitted, jokingly.

Jaime Pressly dished that ‘I think the first time we heard it, she was accepting an award, an Emmy. And I was like, 'Who the hell is the watermelon players?'’

It seems like the co-stars have a lot of fun on set and are genuinely close in real life.

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