Anna Faris Opens Up About Life In The Spotlight

Anna Faris Opens Up About Life In The Spotlight
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The actress opened up about life in the spotlight, and it doesn’t sound like it’s all that fun! Anna Faris gave an interview to E! News and explained that it’s actually pretty ‘tricky’ to be a public person, particularly because of all the ‘intense scrutiny’ she and all other celebs are under on social media.

All of the constant criticism and hate she gets online is really difficult to navigate sometimes, especially as a parent.

‘There's a lot of guilt when being a parent, and I think that you are always striving to do things correctly, whatever it is. And I do think that when your navigation's under intense scrutiny...I am just like, going to Tahiti with Klondike. I am out of here!’ the star told the news outlet.

Here, she was referring to her ‘What would you do for a Klondike bar?’ campaign with the brand that she was also promoting.

As for her son, Jack, Anna revealed that he is a very ‘sweet and happy kid.’

She went on to gush over him saying that ‘I am so proud, he is really funny. At least, maybe all parents believe that because you just go through those first few years and you are so numb, like you have had a lobotomy because life's hell. So if they say something mildly are like, 'Oh! What a kid!'’

The actress also opened up about her co-parenting relationship with her ex, Chris Pratt, saying that she is happy with ‘where everything is going’ and ‘really proud’ they have such a beautiful child together.

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