Anna Faris Looking Forward To Getting Married - Here's Why She Kept The Engagement A Secret!

Anna Faris Looking Forward To Getting Married - Here's Why She Kept The Engagement A Secret!
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Anna Faris is looking forward to her big day! That being said, the actress is also super glad that she no longer has to keep her engagement to cinematographer Michael Barrett a secret.

After longtime rumors, the two have finally confirmed that they are indeed engaged so they don’t have to keep it under wraps anymore.

One insider shared via HollywoodLife why they felt like doing that in the first place!

Fans know that the actress confirmed her engagement to Michael Barrett earlier this month while a guest on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

As a result, the source shared with the news outlet that ‘Anna is so happy that everyone knows the truth about her engagement to Michael. She knew that there were rumors for months about her being engaged. But now that she has confirmed the rumors, she feels like she can finally celebrate her engagement and does not feel the need to hide anything any longer.’

Their engagement was apparently not a hundred percent a secret.

After all, her ‘closest friends and family have known about it but being able to talk about it in public has actually been really freeing.’

After seeing the yellow diamond on her finger back in November, the public already had some suspicions.

Sure enough, she showed off that same ring to James Corden when she announced their engagement.

When it comes to the reason why she did not confirm the great news at first, the insider explained that: ‘Anna is in love with being in love and that's why everybody in her life knew about her good fortune before the world. Everyone that's important in her life knew she was engaged and that is what she wanted. But she knew that the rest of the world would also find out eventually and she's happy people now know because she has nothing to hide.’

Now, she ‘can’t wait to get married since she wants to show people what true love is and if they can in any way learn from her love, even better!’

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