Anna Duggar Shocked Counting On Fans By Letting Her Daughter Do This

Anna Duggar Shocked Counting On Fans By Letting Her Daughter Do This
Credit: Source: Duggar family

Counting On fans know all about the ultra-conservative dress code enforced by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Long skirts and modest tops are staples of a Duggar woman’s wardrobe, and they all complete the look with long hair and natural makeup - plus a lot of eyeliner. The Duggar women absolutely love it, and Anna Duggar is such a fan, she has allowed her 3-year-old daughter to give it a try.

The mother-of-five shocked Counting On fans this week by posting a pic of her youngest daughter Meredith rocking thick winged eyeliner and some bright pink lipstick after she got her very first makeover from her “little” Duggar aunts.

Meredith knew she looked good and struck a sassy pose to show off her new look that also featured a high ponytail and a pink t-shirt. The “little” aunts Anna was referring to are probably Josh’s youngest sisters - Johanna, 13, Jennifer, 11, Jordyn, 10, and Josie, 9.

The Duggar women loved Meredith’s new look. Her “big” aunt Jill commented, “Haha little attitude.” And, Jana’s bestie Laura DeMasie wrote, “A true threenager.”

Josiah’s wife Lauren - who just revealed that she had a miscarriage back in October - wrote, “So cute! Love that kid.” Anna quickly replied to let her know that she was there for her sister-in-law writing, “Love you Lauren! We are so blessed to have you in our family.”

As In Touch Weekly points out, Meredith’s makeover was pretty impressive for a couple of reasons. The 3-year-old actually sat still long enough to get it done, and her “little” aunts have some serious eyeliner skills.

It can be extremely difficult to stick out in a family as large as the Duggars. But, 3-year-old Meredith has already proven herself to be one of the family’s biggest personalities. She loves to give big, cheesy grins in family photos, is the center of attention in every pic her parents take, and she’s already singing.

Last year, Anna Duggar posted a video of Meredith performing You’re My Honeybunch, Sugarplum! , and the little one has some pipes.

She just might be ready for her own spinoff.

New episodes of Counting On air Monday nights on TLC.


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