Ann Curry Could Completely Ruin Matt Lauer With Full Revelations, According To Sources

Ann Curry Could Completely Ruin Matt Lauer With Full Revelations, According To Sources
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The situation between Ann Curry and Matt Lauer keeps getting uglier, as people close to Curry have recently claimed that she could destroy Lauer if she revealed the full story about the situation between them.

And while some saw the statement as an empty bluff meant to draw attention to Curry, others seem more convinced that she has an ace up her sleeve indeed.

An NBC colleague spoke to Us Weekly and made this revelation: “Ann has maintained a dignified silence, but a lot of people confided in her years ago and still do to this day. She knows more than most about the man Matt really is, and when she finally speaks out, it will destroy him.”

However, it remains questionable why she would not say something until now if that was the case. It is possible that Curry is preparing a more special revelation that will take some time to draw up properly.

This is just the subject of speculation from side observers from now, but it does seem like a plausible scenario for the most part.

It is no secret that Curry wants to go all out sooner or later, and she has made that pretty clear so far.

However, it will be interesting to see just how far she manages to take the situation with her new revelations, whatever they might be.

Some have been speculating that Curry might have a bombshell that will even draw other people in the scandal, but this seems to be the subject of deep rumors right now mostly.

Curry herself has been maintaining a cautious attitude through the whole thing, and she seems to be very calculating about the situation.

And while this can be expected from someone in her position, it has also raised some questions about what exactly might be going on behind the scenes.

In Ronan Farrow’s book, Curry revealed that she told the execs about Lauer’s inappropriate behaviors and added: “I told them that they had a problem with him. That he had a problem with women. That they had to keep an eye on him.”

According to the book: “By her own account, Curry relayed no specific complaint, nor did she say Lauer’s ‘problem’ regarded any specific workplace misconduct.”

Lauer should fear Curry.

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