Anjelica Huston Refuses To Back Down Following Controversial Critique Of De Niro And Diane Keaton

Anjelica Huston Refuses To Back Down Following Controversial Critique Of De Niro And Diane Keaton
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According to a report from ABC News, Anjelica Huston refuses to apologize for the comments she recently made regarding her fellow actors and actresses in Hollywood during the promotion of her latest movie, John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.

Huston has a crucial role in the upcoming movie, which just premiered in Hollywood on Wednesday. Recently, Huston took a few jabs at Robert De Niro for his acting choices as well as the role that Diane Keaton took on in a film that's currently in the works.

During an interview with reporters from The Associated Press, Huston said, "you know we all live life and at a certain point, you have to claim your life," adding that she could apologize for many of things she has said and done, however, there comes a point where one has to stand their ground.

Speaking with The Press, Huston said she is definitely a little "politically incorrect at times," but that's part of her personality and what makes her an individual. The 67-year-old also dished on Jack Nicholson's genitalia in recent weeks. The two performers once dated.

When asked if she wanted to be a role model, she responded, "Oh God no," adding that the idea of serving as a model of behavior for someone whose mind hasn't formed yet is not what she's trying or meant to do. According to the John Wick star, she has always known what she has liked, and that has served her "pretty well."

Anjelica, while her career is extensive, is perhaps most famous for her role in the 1991 cult classic, The Addams Family. Moreover, she has found work on television in series like Huff and Transparent. She has also worked as a voice actress on many occasions, similar to her Hollywood cohort, Mark Hamill from Star Wars.

Perhaps, De Niro got on Anjelica's nerves for his continuous political grand-standing. As most know, Robert De Niro is very vocal in Hollywood, especially regarding the president, Donald Trump.

He has, on more than one occasion, gotten up on stage and criticized the politician, even saying "f*ck Trump" without any kind of introduction at all.

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  • Robyn Marks
    Robyn Marks May 16, 2019 9:18 PM PDT

    Change headline to has been actress trashes others in desperate bid to get her name in news headlines. That is more accurate description.

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