Angelina Pivarnick Opens Up About Suing FDNY

Angelina Pivarnick Opens Up About Suing FDNY
Credit: Source: OK!

Before she was asked back to the Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Angelina Pivarnick lived a regular life. She went back to school and became a first responder for the New York City Fire Department but unfortunately, it left a bad taste in her mouth and forced her to seek therapy.

The male-dominated environment is already intimidating enough when you are tasked with something as serious as saving someone's life. Pivarnick was subject to sexual harassment by her superiors and peers.

Luckily, she spoke out about her horrific experience and was met with a $350,000 settlement. The process took over a year.

In a recent episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Pivarnick explained to Lauren Sorrentino why she decided to speak up.

'It's literally everywhere and it's been a whole year of dealing with lawyers and having to rehash it. To other people, being an EMT is nothing, but I wanted to help people for a living and right away, lieutenants were saying disgusting things to me and literally one of them touched me.'

The reality star spent nearly two years in the terrible situation where she described in her lawsuit that one lieutenant 'grabbed and squeezed her buttock and made contact with her vaginal area.'

When she confronted him about it he put her on cleanup duty along with other busywork.

Another co-worker asked her how many of her Jersey Shore castmates she slept with.

'Every time I'd go to work, I'd do the sign of the cross before walking in. It was very hard for me to be in that situation and be the person receiving it. I kept going and I had to say something, I couldn't take it anymore.'

In the same conversation, Angelina opened up about feeling depression and anxiety throughout the pandemic due to her husband being an essential worker.

It's great to see that Angelina found the strength to speak up.


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