Angelina Pivarnick Offers Fans An Update On Her Battle With Depression

Angelina Pivarnick Offers Fans An Update On Her Battle With Depression
Credit: Source: Life and Style

Angelina Pivarnick was the most vulnerable that she's ever been when she revealed her struggle with depression that has been crippling at times. The 'Jersey Shore' star is offering an update on how she's doing and what's helping her cope.

Just like the general population, Angelina has her good days and bad days. The reality star is leaning on her fiance, Chris Larangeira, to help her with it.

"To have depression, it’s such an uphill battle and I feel for everyone that has it because it’s hard to have it … But, if you know how to cope with it, you have to have loved ones near you. Thank God [Chris is] someone I can lean on and stuff like that."

She went on to say that her depression comes and goes but she is getting help for it.

Unfortunately for Chris, she often takes out her changes in mood in him.

"He's great. It’s not him it’s me that I get depressed. So, it’s going to affect any relationship I have with anybody around me that I love. It’s just sucky that he has to be the one to go through that and for me to take s**" out on him. He knows the deal. He knows I love him and he’s there for me and he’s such a great guy. He’s my fiance, he’s my rock" she tells Life and Style magazine.

Angelina shared her story in hopes of helping other people that may be going through the same thing. She believes her mental illness came into fruition when she was injured on her job as a paramedic. The 32-year-old attempted to lift a 450-pound patient and it caused a terrible back injury.

Pivarnick is currently shooting season three of 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' and planning her wedding simultaneously.


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