Angelina Jolie's Dreams Of Being An A-List Director Have Reportedly Left Her Cash Strapped

Angelina Jolie's Dreams Of Being An A-List Director Have Reportedly Left Her Cash Strapped
Credit: Source: Film School Rejects

Angelina Jolie has made millions over the course of her Hollywood career, but the actress is now facing a major financial crisis. Jolie is reportedly desperate for a paycheck because she sunk all of her funds into directing instead of taking acting roles. The lack of regular work coupled with her A-list lifestyle has left her in need of money for the first time in her professional life.

Things have gotten so bad that Jolie is reportedly doing her best to make it until Maleficent 2 is finished filming. When production wraps, Jolie will receive her full paycheck of $25 million, and the funds could not come any sooner. With her bank account running dry, a source claims that Jolie is looking for a blockbuster movie to help fill in the gaps.

“Her days of taking a five-year break from acting at a time are over, simply because she won’t be able to continue to afford her family’s lifestyle if she does,” the source shared.

The insider also told Radar Online that Jolie’s desire to become a top-notch director has left her strapped for cash. The source dished that Jolie’s directing career has resulted in a “gaping hole” in her bank account, and she simply does not have the money to support her daily expenses.

Jolie has directed some highly praised films, but they have not generated enough profit to keep up with her lavish lifestyle. Fortunately, Jolie can always fall back on her acting chops and will hopefully take on a few roles that will get her out of debt.

While the financial rumors swirl, Jolie was recently spotted enjoying herself with three of her children. The actress stepped out for a rare public appearance with Maddox, Vivienne, and Knox, and was nothing but smiles. Jolie may be fretting about money and dealing with a heated custody battle with her estranged husband, Brad Pitt , but she was still able to put on a good face for the cameras.

Angelina Jolie has not commented on the rumors surrounding her diminishing finances.

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