Angelina Jolie’s Children Planning To ‘Treat Her Like A Queen’ On Mother’s Day!

Angelina Jolie’s Children Planning To ‘Treat Her Like A Queen’ On Mother’s Day!
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The actress is a mom of six so there is no doubt that Mother’s Day is always a very exciting and special holiday for her! That being said, Angelina Jolie is currently in quarantine with all six of her kids, much to her excitement, and one insider report claims that they are going to ‘treat her like a queen’ tomorrow!

The source dished via HollywoodLife what they have planned for the special day!

‘Angelina will have all of her kids with her on Mother’s Day this year and that's unexpected because Maddox was supposed to be at school [in Korea]. So it is an extra gift to have all of them with her and she is not taking that for granted. The children will treat her like a queen on Mother’s Day. They always do.’

They went on to share with the same news outlet that the young ones ‘always cook for her and there will also be lots of handmade cards, which are her favorite. She saves every single one, all the kids know how much that means to her.’

It’s safe to say that being a mom of six is not an easy task at all but the Hollywood actress has always managed to make it look like it is!

Angelina is always caught on camera by the paparazzi taking her family on all kinds of trips as well as shopping and she really enjoys time with the kids.

However, she hasn’t always been sure she would do well as a mother.

In an essay she wrote for Time’s Parents Newsletter last month, she opened up about it while also addressing the COVID-19 quarantine.

Angie confessed that ‘I was not a very stable youth. In fact, I never thought that I could be anyone’s mom. I still remember the decision to become a parent. It was not hard to love. It was not hard to dedicate myself to somebody and something greater than my life.’

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