Angelina Jolie's Charity In Crisis! Docs Reveals It Is $2.2 Million In Debt As She Keeps Battling Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie's Charity In Crisis! Docs Reveals It Is $2.2 Million In Debt As She Keeps Battling Brad Pitt
Source: Page Six

Financial woes could be Angelina Jolie’s undoing . One of Jolie’s global charities is reportedly $2.2 million in the red, and the amount owed is due by the end of the year. With Jolie suffering financially in the wake of her divorce with Brad Pitt, the debt could spell disaster for the charity.

Jolie’s company, J.D.H. Office Ltd, listed $66,000 in available assets this year. Unfortunately, the charity owes over $2 million to creditors and has to pay up before the year is out.

The company owed $1.3 million last year, despite Jolie donating close to $1 million of her own funds to keep things running. It is not clear how the company will come up with the funds to pay off the debt, especially since Jolie is currently focused on finalizing her split with Pitt.

According to Radar Online , Jolie recently removed Pitt’s name from the company. The charity used to go by the name of JP. D.H. Ltd.

The first initials stood for Jolie-Pitt, while the following letters represented the actress’s close friends, Chloe Dalton and Arminka Helic. Dalton and Helic have actively advised Jolie on her charity work around the world and have helped her tune her public image.

Jolie changed the name of the company to J.D.H. Office Ltd this past March.

“It’s yet another snub by Angelina to Brad, who has supported on her humanitarian visits around the world,” an insider dished.

Jolie filed for divorce in the fall of 2016. The Maleficent star was with Pitt for over a decade before calling it quits. It has already been two years since Jolie filed for divorce, yet the two still have not settled on a custody agreement. The two are scheduled to appear in court next month to resolve their custody dispute.

Once that is over, Jolie and Brad Pitt still have to agree on how they are going to settle the financial aspects of their split.

Angelina Jolie has not commented on the rumors surrounding her debt.

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  • Narcissist Radar
    Narcissist Radar Nov 9, 2018 2:41 PM PST

    This Radar's sketchy claim is just another malicious hit piece funded by Brad to malign the mother of his children while he pretends to be the sad dad/victim. Sorry, I see past Brad's facade. Brad's behavior is truly sneaky and psychopathic. I just want to vomit when I see Brad, posing in a magazine spread, dressed in designer duds while laid out on the sand, looking sad and tragic, while admitting to alcoholism and drug abuse, but he just want to be a good dad now. If you want to be a good dad, Brad, pay child support, be supportive of your childrens' mother, stop threatening them with custody based on the junk science of parental alienation, and stop paying for hit pieces against Angelina.

  • Lisa
    Lisa Nov 9, 2018 1:02 PM PST

    NO big surprise, now everything makes a lot of sense! First she can't come up with the down payment for a house, now she can't afford to pay off $2,000,000.00 of debt her charity has incurred. Another huge dent in Angelina's façade.

    • Betty
      Betty Nov 9, 2018 6:18 PM PST

      Angie always did things her way. Wearing vials of blood of her lover or husband tattoos with different meaning only she understood making out with her brother stealing someone’s husband buying off her kids with things they want. The last is endless . She is not the stable one her and should not have sole custody of those children. Revenge is her game....

    • Narcissist Radar
      Narcissist Radar Nov 9, 2018 2:43 PM PST

      How much did Brad the sad tragic dad pay you to troll the mother of his kids? No wonder they want nothing to do with him.

      • lisa
        lisa Nov 10, 2018 6:15 PM PST

        It's okay Angie... Brad doesn't know any of us, we all just feel terrible for him that he made the worst mistake of his life being involved with the likes of you. When his mom recoiled, he should have taken the clue, now he's paying the price.

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