Angelina Jolie Was Never Hospitalized For Extreme Weight Loss, Despite Reports

Angelina Jolie Was Never Hospitalized For Extreme Weight Loss, Despite Reports
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Reports of Angelina Jolie's weight loss have been greatly exaggerated. Several publications have claimed — and continue to claim — that Jolie was hospitalized after losing too much weight in the wake of her divorce. Jolie may be known for being on the skinny side, but she has never been sent to the hospital because of extreme weight loss.

Rumors of Jolie's hospitalization surfaced following her and Brad Pitt's divorce. The actress reportedly experienced a medical emergency because she lost too much weight while trying to deal with the stress of the breakup and custody fight.

Jolie's friends and family were allegedly worried when reached 82 pounds. Some outlets even reported her as being as low as 78 pounds, which is less that one of her daughters.

Jolie's drastic weight loss rumors did not end there. The actress reportedly got down to a dangerous 73 pounds as she struggled to remain alive. Although Jolie is on the skinny side of things, The Frisky reports that the rumors of her extreme weight loss are false.

If Jolie was on the brink of death because of her frail body, then she would not have enough energy to travel abroad and work on new projects.

Jolie is currently in the middle of filming Maleficent 2 and recently jetted off to Lima as part of a special envoy of the UNHCR. She also enjoyed an afternoon hike with her children over Labor Day and was spotted eating ice cream with Pax later that day.

The multiple outings and busy schedule prove that Jolie is fit as she has ever been and is not struggling in the weight department.

The Maleficent star has not commented on the rumors surrounding her drastic weight loss.

Angelina Jolie is scheduled to appear in court early next month to work out more details on her and Brad Pitt's custody arrangement.

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