Angelina Jolie 'Unnerved' By The Rumors That Brad Pitt Is Dating Neri Oxman - Here's Why 'She Can’t Handle It'

Angelina Jolie 'Unnerved' By The Rumors That Brad Pitt Is Dating Neri Oxman - Here's Why 'She Can’t Handle It'
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We hear that Angelina Jolie is not too happy about her ex’s dating rumors. Fans have been speculating that Brad Pitt is now dating a beautiful college professor named Neri Oxman. But whether that is the case or not, is Angie afraid he might have moved on from her for good?

‘Angelina is steaming with emotions and jealousy. She does not like to hear any of the dating rumors about her ex… She cannot handle it,’ one insider claims.

Although we have learned before that the former husband and wife don’t even communicate much anymore, despite co-parenting six children, the new source insists these new rumors have actually intimidated the actress a bit – something that rarely happens.

‘Angie saw pictures of Neri and felt a bit jealous. It is Neri‘s incredible intelligence which has thrown Angie off balance. An MIT professor’s the last person Angie would’ve picked for Brad. Angie might feel more comfortable if her ex was dating another Hollywood actress,’ the source explained.

But the intelligence the alleged new girlfriend possesses is not the only thing that has gotten her ‘unnerved.’

Apparently, Angelina hates that so many people have started to compare her and Oxman as far as looks are concerned as well.

‘She is hearing that people think she looks like Neri and the whole thing’s weird and uncomfortable for Angie.’

Furthermore, ‘Angelina is also in a bit of denial about Brad‘s possible new relationship. She knows Neri’s not Brad’s type, or at least does not fit into his group of exes.’

Jolie has been keeping up with the rumors about Pitt and his alleged new lady in the news, but her six kids are also supposedly keeping her updated.

‘After the kids spend time with him, Angie asks them what’s going on and they inform her about what dad’s up too.’


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