Angelina Jolie Still Feels ‘Possessive’ Over Brad Pitt; Here's Why She Would Care If He Moved On

Angelina Jolie Still Feels ‘Possessive’ Over Brad Pitt; Here's Why She Would Care If He Moved On

If Brad Pitt starts dating someone else, how is Angelina Jolie going to take it? Even if it's pretty inevitable, there is a source who says that she is dreading that day. Here are all the details on the matter.

Even if it's excruciating to think about, both Brad and Angie will one day be dating other people, and there's nothing we can do about it. It has also been rumored that he is falling in love with Irish actress Ruth Negga .

This is of course unless they rekindle their love and everything will be right with their relationship again. But as we know so far, this is not going to happen, and the two of them will not get back together .

If Brad will date again, it looks like Angelina will not be keen on it at all.

'Angelina knows that Brad will start dating somebody else at some point, but she doesn’t know anything about the rumors of Brad dating Ruth Negga as she tries her hardest to stay away from anything on the internet that isn’t news related,' a source who is very close to Angelina stated about the most recent rumors about his relationship with his co-star on his new film Ad Astra.

'Even though it was Angelina‘s decision to split with Brad, she still feels possessive when it comes to him, and Angelina has a jealous streak in her, so if Brad has moved on to another woman, it’s going to sting. Brad and Angelina‘s interactions are still all about the children,' the insider continued to confess.

'He or she will call if there is something important to discuss regarding the kids, but that’s about it. Brad and Angelina very rarely drive the children to and from each other’s houses; they have staff who do that.'

Even if it comes as a surprise, it looks like Angie and Brad are on the same page with the subject and a new romance even scares Brad after what he has been through with Angie. The same insider stated that it may take a long time before Brad will be totally healed and before he will be able to move on with his life.


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