Angelina Jolie Still Doesn't Regret That Her Relationship With Brad Pitt Affected Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie Still Doesn't Regret That Her Relationship With Brad Pitt Affected Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie has been called a homewrecker God knows how many times. Brad Pitt fell in love with her while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

Brad and Jennifer were Hollywood's golden couple and just two months after they announced their separation back in January 2005, he was already dating Angelina.

Angie reportedly still doesn't regret what she did to Jen, according to a source.

'Angelina has many regrets after leaving Brad, but the one thing she has never felt terrible about was any bad feelings Jen Aniston may have towards her,' an insider recently told Hollywood Life.

The same source continued and said that 'Angelina wonders how she could have communicated with Brad more, or how she could have helped him battle his demons better. So many things Angelina questions and or feels regretful about concerning their relationship still haunt her, but she never worries about how her relationship or divorce may have affected Jen. Angelina simply never really worries or ever really thinks about Jen.'

Angie told people lots of times that she and Brad fell in love while they were filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith together back in 2004 and she admitted it all during an older interview.

She also made sure to twist the knife in an a2008 interview with the New York Times. Back then she said, referring to her and Brad's kids, that not a lot of people are fortunate enough to see their parents falling in love in a movie.

Basically, she claimed that Brad had been unfaithful to Jen while they were still married.


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  • L. ANN conrad
    L. ANN conrad Oct 11, 2018 6:43 PM PDT

    I don't think too highly of Angelina. I believe she is very selfish, thinks only of herself and uses her children to further her agenda. For a woman who claims to be a humanitarian, her behavior and respect towards the married Jennifer Aniston makes me think how selfish she really is.

    • Pinky
      Pinky Oct 15, 2018 1:56 PM PDT

      L. ANN Conrad, I agree with you. Angelina has no regrets does she know the word “karma” means? Angelina your monster! You don’t need child-support money, you have a lot of money, stop doing this to Brad, for once do something right he should not pay, he should be with his kids and stop torturing him “karma” I hope the kids when they get older they can choose. Maybe the kids will see what a monster you are torturing their dad. Think about that in the future and for your kids. I hope Brad goes back with Jennifer.

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