Angelina Jolie Says She Can Relate To Her 'Messed Up' And 'Broken' Role In New Thriller Movie More Than Others

Angelina Jolie Says She Can Relate To Her 'Messed Up' And 'Broken' Role In New Thriller Movie More Than Others
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While on an Australian breakfast show, the actress opened up about her new movie titled Those Who Wish Me Dead and how much she can relate to her character. Here's why!

Angelina Jolie can totally relate to 'feeling messed up' and 'broken' just like the role she portrays in her upcoming new project!

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The star told Australia's Weekend Sunrise that she feels like the character is 'closer to her than some of her other characters.'

She explained that 'What was weird is, I'm American, but I realised how I do not often play American. So doing this regular, American woman felt more challenging than even a crazy Maleficent. I think that people can relate to her more, to feeling broken, messed up, imperfect. She is maybe closer to me than some of the other characters.'

The movie was shot in New Mexico back in 2018, which came three years after Angie and Brad Pitt's divorce.

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As for the plot, it's apparently all about a teen boy, played by Finn Little, who after witnessing his dad's murder, goes on the run from the attackers.

Meanwhile, Angelina's character is named Hannah and she is a wildfire firefighter that suffers from PTSD.

Together, they will be forming an unlikely team as they run from the assassins following the young boy.

Of course, fans know that Angelina Jolie is a devoted mother of six so this role was even more special for this reason, the characters bonding along the way.

Jolie has been spending a lot of time with her kids since she thinks it's really important to do so, especially since the split from Brad Pitt.


During another interview on ITV's Lorraine, Jolie explained that 'The last few years, I have not been able to direct. I have been home much more — I have done a few films, but mostly home. But very important years to be home. For a certain time in my family I have needed to be home.'

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