Angelina Jolie Reportedly Not Likely To Block Brad Pitt From Obtaining Joint Custody Of Their Minor Children

Angelina Jolie Reportedly Not Likely To Block Brad Pitt From Obtaining Joint Custody Of Their Minor Children
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The actress would prefer to keep her primary custody over her and Brad Pitt’s five underage kids while the other actor is seeking to get joint custody! That being said, one lawyer explains why it’s likely that Angelina Jolie will actually end up not getting her way.

The former Hollywood power couple has been battling it out in court for no less than three years and they are still to agree on a final deal regarding the custody of their kids.

The bunch has been living with their mother since Angelina has primary physical custody while Brad gets visitation time.

But the male actor would obviously prefer if he got equal time with the kids and that is why he’s been pushing for 50/50 physical custody.

Angelina, however, is not willing to lose her primary rights which is why she’s been seeking to maintain her sole custody.

One attorney tells HollywoodLife that no matter how much she dreads things changing at this point, it’s unlikely that the actress will manage to prevent her ex from getting what he wants.

California Family Law Attorney, David T. Pisarra explained via the news outlet that ‘It’s very unlikely (that Angelina will maintain sole custody). Unless the court sees Brad is an unfit parent, if there's evidence of child abuse or drug/alcohol abuse then it is unlikely a judge would grant Angelina sole custody. She's being very unreasonable. As far as we are concerned, Brad's a good father, he cares about his children, so there should be no reason that she should receive sole custody.’

‘Primary custody technically is not a legal term, but it basically means that one parent has custody of the kids more than fifty percent of the time. What she is probably asking for is sole legal and physical custody which means that she would have the right to take the kids wherever she goes, to make all decisions for them as far as schooling, healthcare, etc,’ David went on to dish on the case.

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