Angelina Jolie Reportedly Not In A Hurry To Finalize Brad Pitt Divorce - Here's Why!

Angelina Jolie Reportedly Not In A Hurry To Finalize Brad Pitt Divorce - Here's Why!

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie is not in a hurry to finalize her divorce from Brad Pitt. Apparently, the actress is willing to prolong the process as much as possible so that she can get what she wishes.

One report says that she wants complete satisfaction with the outcome, both for her, as well as for the kids, and she is well aware that might take time.

According to a HollywoodLife source, ‘Angelina has no interest in speeding this divorce process, she wants the very best outcome for her and the kids, and that takes time. It really does not matter one bit to her if Brad is in a hurry for all of this to be over, that’s not her problem or concern. She has hired a very thorough and tough legal team, and she intends on getting the best outcome no matter how long that takes.’

Meanwhile, there have been all kinds of speculations, some saying Angie is talking her time with the divorce to hold onto Brad a little bit longer, or the exact opposite, that she’s doing it to take revenge for the messy custody battle.

However, the source dished that it is not the case.

‘She adamantly denies that she’s dragging her feet to try and punish Brad or because she doesn’t want to let go. This is just about standing up for her rights and getting the settlement that is acceptable to her.’

Ever since the actress filed for divorce back in 2016, the former Hollywood couple has been going through a lot, their separation much nastier than many people expected.

Even now, Brad and Angelina are still struggling to agree on some legal issues, most of which deal with the custody of their kids and how much time the father should get to spend with the six children.

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