Angelina Jolie Raves About Teen Daughter Zahara - Says She Is An 'Extraordinary African Woman' And She's 'In Awe' Of Her!

Angelina Jolie Raves About Teen Daughter Zahara - Says She Is An 'Extraordinary African Woman' And She's 'In Awe' Of Her!
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The famous actress gushed over one of her daughters, Zahara Jolie-Pitt during a new interview and it’s safe to say that Angelina Jolie has a lot of love and respect for all her kids . This time, however, she raved about someone in particular – Zahara.

Angie mainly discussed her African roots and the teen’s connection to it.

The proud mother of six stressed that she is simply ‘in awe’ of her ‘extraordinary’ daughter.

The famous actress and activist was chatting with Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate about the BLM movement and empowering African voices.

That being said, during that interview, she could not help but bring up the topic of her 15 year old daughter that was actually adopted from Ethiopia back in 2005 when she was just a 6 month old baby.

The two had a very deep talk about American schools covering Black history for their TIME 100 Talk.

Then, when the conversation changed to the Black Lives Matter protests happening all over the world after the tragic killing of George Floyd, Angie stated:

‘One of the things that’s also been interesting is the education. I do not know about schools in Uganda, but I know that in the United States there is a very big question about the — my daughter's from Ethiopia, one of my kids. And I've learned so much from her. She's my family, but she's an extraordinary African woman.’

She went on to rave about her beloved daughter some more, saying that ‘Her connection to the country, her continent, is very — it is her own and it is something I only stand back in awe of. But what I see in, for example, American books and how limited they all are… they start teaching people who are Black about all their lives through the Civil Rights movement, which is a horrible place to begin.’


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