Angelina Jolie Plans To Do This Now That Maddox And Brad Pitt Have Left

Angelina Jolie Plans To Do This Now That Maddox And Brad Pitt Have Left
Credit: Credit: Rolling Stone

If the latest rumors have any legs, Angelina Jolie is now “actively on the lookout to find a serious boyfriend” after her oldest son, Maddox, has left for college, and her divorce from Brad Pitt seems to be moving forward finally.

A source close to Angelina spoke to Radar Online and said this about her state of mind at the moment: “She’s been very emotional now that Maddox has gone off to college and says she has more time than she knows what to do with. She is still focused on family, but there is a huge hole in her life she needs to fill and thinks now’s the time to dip her toe in the water with some potential suitors.”

The person added: “She’s got some business acquaintances looking into this discreetly for her, plus there are a couple of guys who she’s hit up directly. She plans to go on a date at least one or two times a week and see where it takes her.”

Angelina is seeing her kids grow up very fast at this point, as her son Maddox is already going into college. The teenager has chosen an institution in South Korea in particular, where he will reportedly be studying biochemistry.

Angelina was spotted in videos shared on social media dropping off her son for his first day of school. The actress could also be seen talking to officials of the college, as it did not take long for her to get recognized.

She was not planning an extended stay in South Korea though, as she explained that she was leaving the country the same day.

Many people in attendance seemed disappointed to find that out, as some were hoping to get a chance of spending some time with the actress.

The humanitarian also explained that she was doing her best not to cry in the situation, but she was finding it quite hard. Her teen son looked a bit embarrassed by her side, due to her overly motherly behavior.

However, in the end, the boy’s love was quite apparent, and it was clear that he was in a good relationship with his mother and was appreciative of what she was doing for him.

Maddox seems to have a good head on his shoulders and has been moving forward with his life quite well so far.


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