Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Hers And Brad Pitt's Struggles While In Quarantine With Six Kids

Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Hers And Brad Pitt's Struggles While In Quarantine With Six Kids
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As it turned out, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are like all parents who are trying very hard to figure it out as they go during this unprecedented time.

Jolie penned a beautiful and personal letter to all struggling parents who have to find activities and handle homeschooling during the lockdown put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jolie spoke to other families while sharing her experience as a mom who is at home with her six children -- Maddox, 18, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 13, and 11-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

The actress and humanitarian is co-parenting the clan with ex-husband Pitt who lives a few steps from her. The siblings have been spending their time between their mother's and father's Hollywood houses.

In a column for Time magazine, Jolie wrote: "Dear Parents,
I am thinking of you. I am imagining how hard each of you is trying to get through your days. How much you want to lead your loved ones through this. How you worry. How you plan. How you smile for them, when inside you feel at times you are breaking."

Jolie also stated: "I was not a very stable youth. In fact, I never thought I could be anyone's mom. I remember the decision to become a parent. It wasn't hard to love. It wasn't hard to dedicate myself to someone and something greater than my life. What was hard was knowing that from now on, I needed to be the one to make sure everything was okay. To manage it and make it work. From food to school to medical. Whatever would come. And to be patient."

She continued by saying: "I realized I stopped my constant daydreaming, instead of always staying ready for any break into what I was doing or thinking to answer a need. It was a new skill to acquire.
So now, in the midst of this pandemic, I think of all the mothers and fathers with children at home. All are hoping they can do everything right, answer all needs, and stay calm and positive."

She concluded by: "One thing that has helped me is to know that's impossible. It is a lovely thing to discover that your children don't want you perfect. They just want you honest. And doing your best. In fact, the more room they have to be great where you are weak, the stronger they may become. They love you. They want to help you. So, in the end, it's the team you build. And in a way, they are raising you up too. You grow together."

Fans are delighted that Pitt and Jolie are handling this matter like mature adults who put their children well-being ahead of everything else.

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