Angelina Jolie Not Happy About Being ‘Villainized’ Amid Her Brad Pitt Divorce - She Wants To Just 'Be A Good Mom'

Angelina Jolie Not Happy About Being ‘Villainized’ Amid Her Brad Pitt Divorce - She Wants To Just 'Be A Good Mom'
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The reports about the divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie haven’t been too positive as far as the mother of six is concerned. That being said, apparently, the actress is not at all happy about being made the bad guy in the media. All she really wants is to be ‘a good mom,’ one source tells HollywoodLife.

According to the insider, ‘Angelina feels like she is being unfairly villainized in this divorce.’

‘All she wants is to be a good mom. She’s doing what she feels is the best for her kids and people are passing judgment and acting like she’s the bad guy,’ they went on to add.

As the custody trial is approaching (December 4) the star is doing her best to ignore all of the negativity surrounding her.

‘When it comes down to the opinions of others Angelina really doesn’t waste a lot of time worrying because she knows she can’t change anyone’s mind and she’s not going to bother. All she cares about is what the judge is going to say, that’s the only outside opinion that matters to her.’

Previous reports have been alleging that the former Hollywood couple decided to attempt reaching a settlement outside of the court in order to avoid the hassle of a trial and also reach an agreement faster for the sake of their young ones.

One source told Entertainment Tonight that ‘Both parties are working together to try and reach an out-of-court settlement and avoid an actual trial. Both parties want what’s best for the kids.’

Do you think the two actors will manage to reach an agreement before the trial? Also, is Angelina Jolie really being 'unfairly villainized' in the press?

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  • Lily Campbell
    Lily Campbell Nov 11, 2018 3:37 AM PST

    She is quoted as saying it would be like a knife in her heart if the kids are shuffled back and forth from her house to the dads house, but yet she is shuffling thier kids all over the world, just to keep them away from thier dad, and trying to prove what a great, cool mom she is, we can see right through her plan, and it will backfire, Mr. Pitt didn’t do anything, that will give her, full custody, and she can try to cover her shady past all she want’s, she still did all that stuff, so she shouldn’t think Mr.Pitt is bad for having a few, he is still a devoted loving father, he has solid roots, hers on the other hand, not the best. Yes we think she’s a villain, because she proves it by the way she’s acting, and using her kids as her supporting actors!

  • Stephen R
    Stephen R Nov 10, 2018 9:08 PM PST

    Angelina Jolie is quite appropriately and fairly villainized because she puts her need for hatred and vengeance towards Brad Pitt over the wellbeing of their children. Society does and should condemn every divorcing parent who weaponizes children to punish a ex spouse. She stated she wants to destroy him for leaving her and she has spent over two years putting him through hell. Jolie and Trump both get the press they earn through disgraceful behavior and both cannot understand how we all see the truth. Brad Pitt is and always has been a beloved and respected gentleman. Angelina Jolie has been destroying lives since she was a teenager. For the sake of their children we pray the judge awards sole custody to Pitt. And give him strength to stand up to their vindictive mother. Maddox is already lost but there’s time to rescue the others. Jolie needs help, it’s not too late for her to get help.

  • Lisa
    Lisa Nov 10, 2018 6:11 PM PST

    Angelina Jolie deserves every villainized comment about herself. She should look in the mirror, THEN let her children see their father on a regular basis, NOT humiliate her children by publicly bashing him at every turn and that would be a good start in changing how others see her. OH and divorce him already, it's been longer trying to reach custody and a settlement than the actual message. Everyone knows AJ is hanging onto poor Brad by the skin of her teeth by any means necessary. Not a wonder her reputation is in the toilet, look at your actions and verbally accosting your ex, NOT rocket science.

  • huri tursan
    huri tursan Nov 10, 2018 5:16 PM PST

    What "good mom" alienates 6 children from their father? Only a possessive control freak who sees children as her own private property would behave in such an evil, maleficient manner.

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