Angelina Jolie Makes Surprising Comments About Her Divorce From Brad Pitt -- Fans Find Her More Human

Angelina Jolie Makes Surprising Comments About Her Divorce From Brad Pitt -- Fans Find Her More Human
Credit: Credit: Vanity Fair

Even though actress Angelina Jolie is generally seen as a prime example of the “strong woman,” it looks like she still shares some common pains that many people go through.

She recently admitted that her divorce from Brad Pitt left her emotionally drained out. The humanitarian also said the long and public split was a huge challenge for her.

Angelina also added that she was not feeling very strong lately, and has been trying to push herself to go the extra mile, but failing for the most part.

In a new interview, the actress confessed: “I’m like everybody and… especially these last few years haven’t been the easiest, and I haven’t felt very strong.”

Angelina, who is promoting the Maleficent sequel and Marvel’s The Eternals , told E! News : “There’s something when you’re not feeling very strong, where you push yourself. And I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to play these kinds of characters, that pull out every bit of strength I have, and that reminds me that I can be strong.”

The divorce has been dragging after it was initiated in 2016. There were reports that Brad was in an incident with his son, Maddox, which prompted an investigation from authorities.

It was claimed that an altercation took place between the actor and his teen son. In the end, nothing suspicious was found that warranted extra check-ups.

Brad has since claimed that he saw himself as the main guilty party in the divorce. He revealed that his problems with alcohol ikely fueled the fire of his divorce.

He also sounded disappointed at the way things turned out but added that he understood the importance of being there for his children.

Angelina also opened up about dropping Maddox in college in Seoul, South Korea: “What was very beautiful is the way everybody said goodbye. When it was time to take him to the airport — some [of Jolie-Pitt’s kids] jumped into the car to take him — and everybody was, it was….When you know that your kids love each other, and you see the way they all — without any kind of prompting or pushing — give each other notes, hug each other, take each other, support each other, then you feel like they’re going to be okay and they’re always going to have each other.”

It seems that divorce might not get finalized anytime soon.

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