Angelina Jolie Loses Her Temper When She Was Asked About Brad Pitt By A Reporter

Angelina Jolie Loses Her Temper When She Was Asked About Brad Pitt By A Reporter

It looks like you shouldn't dare mention Brad Pitt when you are in the same room with Angelina Jolie. Even if more than a year has passed since she filed for divorce from the actor, it seems that Angie still feels bitter about the whole situation.

She reportedly lost her temper when a reporter asked her about her estranged husband during a recent interview.

When reporter Juju Chang brought up the subject of her divorce in the most delicate manner as possible during an interview on ABC's Nightline last week, Angelina refused to answer his question.

Later, when she was also asked about her health issues, she declined to answer these matters as well. She was clearly annoyed.

She snapped at Juju, 'I'm fine right now. I'm fine right now. My children are healthy. I'm healthy.' This uncomfortable encounter was allegedly cut from the final interview.

'It's true she got testy,' an insider confessed to Page Six. According to rumors, Angelina only wanted to talk about First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, the movie that she directed.

A network veteran told the site that it was not appropriate for Jolie to act like that, saying, 'It's hard to believe she didn't know that question was going to pop up as well. Chang was just doing her job.'

The actress has always been cryptic when she had to talk about her divorce.

Back in July, during an honest interview, she said of the issue, 'We're all just healing from the events that led to the filing...They're not healing from divorce. They're healing from some...from life, from things in life. We care for each other and care about our family, and we are both working towards the same goal.'

Similarly, Brad Pitt has also been kind of quiet about the highly-publicized divorce.

'Brad loves being a father, and his focus is the kids and making sure he is always there for them. Every decision he makes is for the well-being of his children,' an insider confessed a little while ago.

The source continued, saying that 'He is very careful about any of his disagreements with Angelina.'

'He sees the kids regularly and is actively involved in their lives to get into a public mudslinging contest with Angelina,' the insider continued. 'Brad made a commitment to his kids, and if she wants to go down that road, he will not follow her lead no matter what she does or says about him.'

It looks like even if she shaded him , he chooses not to respond in the same manner. On the other hand, Brad is ready to start dating , according to sources.

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