Angelina Jolie Knows That ‘Not Everybody Likes Or Understands Her’ But That’s Okay!

Angelina Jolie Knows That ‘Not Everybody Likes Or Understands Her’ But That’s Okay!

In a brand new interview, Angelina Jolie opened up more about her public persona as well as her private life with her six children after the hugely covered divorce from Brad Pitt. The actress revealed that she has never really expected to be understood or liked by everyone and that is totally fine because ‘I know who I am, and the kids know who I am.’

Lately, the star has been focusing on promoting her new movie, First They Killed My Father but now revealed that in the near future, she has an entirely different project in mind.

Angie stated that at some point, her productions would get to have some comedy as well, noting that she’s been working on Maleficent 2 which she considers to be ‘a little funny.’

The mother of six also revealed that she recently took her kids and moved into the ‘happy and light’ former home of filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille.

She admitted that the legal proceedings of the divorce have been taking a toll on her as well as on the six kids, adding that she wants them to be happy and healthy and is doing everything she can to protect them from the chaos.

Fortunately, they seem to be getting better with the whole divorce scandal.

In a prior interview at the Toronto Film Festival, Jolie revealed that the children laugh at her when they see their mother all dressed up for red carpet events as they are more used to seeing her wearing pajamas at home.

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