Angelina Jolie Is Livid That Her Divorce Docs With Brad Pitt Were Leaked

Angelina Jolie Is Livid That Her Divorce Docs With Brad Pitt Were Leaked
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Court document from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s latest custody agreement surfaced this week, and a spokesperson for the Oscar-winning actress says the leak of the “selective” information is “deplorable” and not in the Jolie-Pitt children’s best interest. The new terms give Pitt more access to the kids this summer while Jolie films the Maleficent sequel in the UK.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Jolie’s team slammed the “misleading leak,” and the 43-year-old has always been focused on her kids’ health and needs. She also thinks the custody proceedings should have remained private.

“It's deplorable that someone, for their own selfish reasons, leaked selective portions of the confidential and sealed court record to create an inaccurate and unfair picture of what is really happening,” says Jolie’s rep.

In the documents, the judge ordered Jolie – who has physical custody of Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, Vivienne, 9, and Knox, 9 – to let Pitt regularly see the kids while she films the Disney sequel in England this summer.

The court also determined that “not having a relationship with their father” would be “harmful” to the six kids, and they are safe with Pitt. Also, it is critical that they each have a strong and healthy relationship with both their mom and dad.

The court order was for the five youngest Jolie-Pitt kids. Since Maddox is 16, the judge allowed him to choose how much time he wants to spend with each parent.

The judge also issued new cell phone rules and ordered Jolie to provide Pitt with each kid’s phone number, so he can contact them whenever he wants, without Jolie monitoring the communication.

Their summer custody schedule includes the Oceans 11 star seeing the five youngest kids in London in mid-June for ten days, where he can spend four hours a day with at least one of the kids. From June 27th to July 1st he gets to see the kids for 10 hours each day, and from July 8th to 14th he will see them for four hours each day.

The kids will then spend a week with their dad in Los Angeles from July 21st to the 29th. Then, they will go back to their mom in London before Pitt gets custody again on August 11th.

The court has scheduled the former couple’s next hearing for August 13th.

When the kids are with Pitt, Jolie can only call once a day, and if she doesn’t follow the rules the court has laid out, she risks losing primary physical custody. The court stated that the kids need to be close to their father, and if they remained “closed down,” it could result in reduced time with Angelina Jolie and the court ordering Brad Pitt primary custody.

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